A transformational leadership experience designed to awaken students’ leadership, faith, and life journey. These leadership resources will activate young leaders to be a Force for Good in their world!


A transformational leadership experience designed to awaken students’ leadership, faith, and life journey. These leadership resources will activate young leaders to be a Force for Good in their world!

The Global Leadership Summit Next Gen equips thousands of young people in the USA each year through a dynamic and affordable leadership resources ideal for schools, universities, community and youth groups.

Through a combination of resources to create live leadership activities along with high-quality, pre-recorded content, participants will experience:

  • world-class speakers
  • engaging group discussions
  • creative problem-solving
  • fun leadership activities
  • inspiring performances
  • practical life-lessons

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Exciting News - The GLS Next Gen has partnered with Praying Pelican Missions (PPM) to activate young leaders to be a Force For Good around the world through mission trips!

  • Create a one-day event or include these leadership resources throughout the year into your existing programs/classes These resources are ready to be tailored to fit your needs – make your plan and use these resources with what is best for your group
  • Leadership talks you can choose based on your desired outcome
  • Designed to build your student leadership team (student run and adult coached)
  • Processing tools to ignite conversations on leadership and life (not a classroom experience)
  • Ongoing resources to help with your group’s year-long transformational leadership journey in community

Take a sneak peek at 2 of the resources to see what they look like:

The GLS Next Gen is designed to empower emerging leaders to better understand their life purpose. It challenges participants to have action-oriented outcomes and equips them to become a force for good in their local community.

The GLS Next Gen consists of:

  • world-class leadership development content
  • videocast speakers
  • creative elements
  • leadership conversations
  • practical activities
  • processing times
  • next step strategies
  • year-long resources

The GLS Next Gen challenges participants to have action-oriented outcomes and equips them to become a force for good in their local community and beyond.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Navigating Real Life Issues
  • Self Leadership
  • Service Learning
  • Elastic Resilience
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Lasting Success
  • Failing Forward
  • Global Citizenship
  • Soul Care
  • Identity
  • Mindfulness

Dr. Krish Kandiah

Faith Schiller

Ivor Swartz

Megan Fate-Marshman

Jonathan Banks

Danielle Strickland

Erwin McManus

Greg Stier

Ray McElroy

Richard Montañez

Liz Bohannon

Betsy Sunny

Build Your Own Summit Experience

With our flexible on-demand delivery options let us equip through a GLS Next Gen event with your team!

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Wondering about the details behind GLS Next Gen Resources? What are the formats, costs, or requirements?

How To Use Your GLS Next Gen Resources – We Are With You!

Discover everything you need to know about using these resources to fit your organizations needs or running your very own GLS Next Gen event. Our tool kit includes a step by step ‘How To’ guide and everything you need to create and awesome experience.

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GLS Next Gen Experiences Include:

  • World-Class Leadership Faculty & Content
  • Pre-Recorded Leadership Talks
  • Inspiring Arts & Entertainment
  • Practical Leadership Conversations
  • Engaging Activities
  • Processing Tools
  • Next-Step Strategies

The Next Gen Summit is not just an event;
it’s a catalyst to ignite a transformational leadership journey all year long.

What Others Are Saying

Eric Bowling
Eric Bowling

Director of Student Leadership and Service,
Wheaton Academy

"As adults, we have a key role in developing the next generation of Christian leaders. The Global Leadership Summit Next Gen provides an opportunity for every student to have a seat “at the leadership table” to learn more about the concept of leadership and how to best engage in using what they have learned to serve others on their campuses, in their communities and in the greater world."

James Brooks
James Brooks

Harmony Community Church

"The Global Leadership Summit Next Gen brings hope and help to young leaders in our community. Helping our leaders realize that they all have influence and when they sharpen their leadership they can create a path to make a difference in their family, school, community and the world!"

Mike Locke
Mike Locke

Pastor of Family Ministry,
Moraine Valley Church

"The Summit Next Gen has provided incredible tools to inspire next level thinking in our students. The beauty of these resources has been their simplicity. Each session offered an easy to use springboard into meaningful conversations around faith, influence and leadership. Our students desire to engage their worlds, the materials provided by the Summit Next Gen has provided a launch pad to get started."

Chris Mallette
Chris Mallette

Head Football Coach,
Chicago Hope Academy

"As a Coach and Community leader I know how important leadership is. Helping to sharpen the leadership skills of the young men and women I work with is critical and gives them hope! The Summit Next Gen is just what we need, we can shape this world class leadership event to fit our needs and make it our event. The GLS Next Gen team makes it easy to build into my leaders and help equip and empower them to be a force for good."

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